Women everywhere know how difficult it can be to find high-quality, fashionable, and in-style clothes without driving themselves into bankruptcy. The price of women’s clothing is astronomical, and even online retailers who are supposed to offer inexpensive options often leave a lot to be desired.

That’s why we created SALEDRESS: To give women low-cost access to the hottest new clothing lines and fashion accessories.

We believe that women everywhere should be able to enjoy a full wardrobe of fine clothing without spending an arm or a leg, and we've implemented a unique sales model to ensure we can do that without cutting corners or relying on cheap tricks.

See, with Amazon's popularity, the marketplace is extremely oversaturated, and there are tons of sellers competing to sell the same trending items for the same price. Those with marketing skills and overall business sense manage to succeed despite this competition. However, smaller sellers are often left in the dust with little income and a constantly growing pile of unpurchased products.

We help those underperforming sellers bring their products to women all around the world at wholesale prices, but there’s a huge catch; unlike other wholesale business models, we don’t place any minimum purchase limits on orders. This means that our customers can purchase a single clothing item at the same wholesale price as someone who bought 500 of the same products.

By adopting this unique business model, SALEDRESS has helped countless women find the clothing they need at prices they love, and we’ve helped Amazon sellers who were caught up in the marketing competition of the platform to offload their products and finally make sales.

At SALEDRESS, we value our place in the women’s clothing industry, and we aim to keep helping women and Amazon sellers alike by continuously innovating the way you buy clothes.


At SALEDRESS, we have three core values that push our company forward and guarantee we make a meaningful impact in your life.

Price: First and foremost, we were founded on the idea that women should get the best clothes at the best prices. So, we seek out sellers who are willing to sell at wholesale prices to create a fair deal for everyone.

Relationships: Relationships are a huge part of our success. Not only must we create the best shopping experience possible for our customers, but we aim to be a trustworthy partner for Amazon sellers who are struggling; it’s in our best interest to help them succeed via our platform.

Quality: You shouldn’t have to expect subpar quality for low-cost products. We ensure that every item meets our strict quality standards before it’s listed.


More than just a wholesale retailer. We strive to bring meaningful change to the sellers we partner with and the customers we serve.


Providing women around the world with ffordable, wholesale-priced, clothing from the best brands and manufacturers.

Fast Delivery

Over 3000+ merchandise can be fulfilled by Amazon, 3-5 business days delivered.

Free Shipping

Free shipping on all orders over $29 (US only)

What Our Customers Said

SALEDRESS has up to date styles that are quality and cute. I recommend them to any friend or family member because they have awesome deals and ship quickly. I have never had an issue with any order I’ve placed and I love how I can connect with a real person for any questions.
--Crystal Shenel

Absolutely love this company and have gotten soooo many compliments on every outfit I've ordered! Great prices and shipping is usually super fast!
--Jonelle Slaughter