Sold by Saledress, Fufillment by Amazon Sellers

How It Works?

It's an innovative collaboration between SALEDRESS and Amazon sellers. 

SD x AMZ offers customers access to discounted high-quality fashion sourced directly from our network of over 5,000 Amazon sellers. 

Customers can discover a variety of fashionable clothing and fashion accessories at 30-70% discount prices. 

SD x AMZ also ensures automatic synchronization of order information, enabling consumers to easily shop on the SALEDRESS website and receive fast shipping from Amazon.

Seamlessly Connecting Quality and Convenience

SD x AMZ represents our effort to provide customers with high-quality fashion products while enjoying discounted prices.

With the popularity of Amazon, the market has become heavily saturated. In this fiercely competitive marketplace, many sellers are competing to sell the same popular styles. Those sellers with marketing skills and business acumen can succeed in the competition, while some smaller sellers struggle with low sales and increasing unsold inventory, leading to meager income. Therefore, many sellers choose to collaborate with SALEDRESS.

Through collaborating with us, these sellers can reach a wider customer base and effectively clear their inventory, kickstarting their sales.

SD x AMZ, as a unique component of our sales strategy, creates a win-win situation for both parties. It allows you to shop at discounted prices while helping sellers reduce their inventory burden, promoting the growth and success of both parties' sales.

  • Discounts

    30%-70% off 3000 items
  • Fast Delivery

    Amazon Fulfillment 2-5 Days
  • Return Guarantee

    30 Days Easy Return Policy

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my Amazon Prime membership on Saledress?

Unfortunately, you cannot. When you place an order on Saledress, Saledress handles the order and then transfers the order information to the Amazon seller for synchronization. Therefore, your Prime membership cannot be used for ordering on Saledress. 

How Long Does the Shipping Take?

It takes 1-5 days of delivered by Amazon fulfillment. Once you complete your order, we will immediately convey the order information to the Amazon seller. They will promptly process the order and arrange for shipment.

What Is The Return & Exchange Policy?

We have 30-days Return Warranty, Quickly and easily return your item(s) through our Returns Portal! Clcik here to learn more about Return Policy.
Why Are There Different Prices For The Same Style On Saledress?
Saledress collaborates with over 5,000 Amazon sellers. The same style of products you browse on the Saledress website may come from different sellers. 

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