Bulk Sale Box (BSB)

Avg $5 / pcs, designed for clothing boutique owners and fashion enthusiasts

What is Bulk Sale Box?

BSB is dedicated to serving boutique store owners and customers seeking bulk purchases at preferential prices. We understand the needs of boutique store businesses and aim to provide cost-effective solutions for them.

It features products from collaborating Amazon sellers, with each box containing 20-50 items of different styles and sizes. The average price per garment is $5, offering a shopping experience with a wide variety of styles and sizes at a super affordable price. Therefore, retailers and boutique store owners can rely on BSB to complement their inventory with fashionable and affordable products, ensuring their competitiveness in the market.

Mutual Benefit for Success with Bulk Sale Box (BSB)

In this fiercely competitive Amazon marketplace, when products and prices are the same, sellers with better marketing skills can achieve higher sales volumes, while some smaller sellers may struggle with lower sales and revenue. 

For those Amazon sellers with lower sales revenue, BSB provides an opportunity to break through the dilemma. They can collaborate with us to convert surplus inventory into cash and gain more sales opportunities, enabling them to achieve rapid sales, cash flow, and business growth.

For retailers and boutique store owners, BSB offers discounted prices for bulk purchases, reducing their procurement costs. 

This also provides retailers and boutique store owners with competitive pricing strategies, expanding their advantage in the sales market and increasing their revenue.
  • Cost Reduction

    Average price of $3 per piece
  • Free Shipping

    Free shipping on order over $29
  • Money Back Warranty

    90-day customer service
  • 7 x 12h Support

    Excellent Customer Service

You Need to Pay Attention to Some things

About Goods

How can I know which styles and sizes are included in each sales box?

We clearly list the styles and sizes included in each sales box on the product details page for your reference.

Can I select specific styles and sizes?

We are sorry, but you cannot choose specific styles and sizes. However, we will clearly list the styles and sizes included in each sales box, allowing you to make choices based on your preferences.
Is there a purchase quantity limit?
Currently, we do not have a purchase quantity limit. You can choose the quantity you need based on your own requirements.

About Customer Service

What should I do if I haven't received the goods after 45 days?

If you haven't received the purchased items after 45 days, please contact SALEDRESS immediately. We will assist in resolving the issue and provide necessary support.

How will I be refunded if the purchased clothing is canceled?

Due to quality checks, if the clothing you purchased is canceled, we will process the refund through store credit.

About The Order

How long does it take to receive the goods?

The processing time for Bulk Sale Box orders usually takes 15 to 45 days.

Can I cancel an order or return/exchange items?

We apologize, but once the order is confirmed, it cannot be canceled, returned, or exchanged. Additionally, the address cannot be modified after the order is submitted. Therefore, please carefully select the items and confirm the order before placing it.
Why does the link to view the purchase details show a 404 error after placing an order?
Because each Bulk Sale Box has only one unit in stock, the system automatically removes the product after it is sold. (You can advise customers to download or screenshot the product images or details if they need them for reference.)
Why can't I use a discount for my Bulk Sale Box order?
Any discount codes cannot be used for Bulk Sale Box orders, as specified in the product details.
Are these items shipped in one shipment or multiple packages?
Since these clothes are located in different Amazon warehouses, they will be shipped in multiple packages. This means you will receive these clothes one by one over a period of time.
How can I check the status of a bulk order?
The order will be fulfilled by Amazon, so we can only obtain the tracking number from the Amazon seller. If we receive the tracking number from the Amazon seller, we will notify you as soon as possible. Please don't worry, you will eventually receive all the packages.
If I pay for expedited shipping, will I receive the packages faster?
Unfortunately, no. These items will be shipped by the Amazon seller. We cannot expedite the delivery. If you paid for expedited shipping, we will refund it to you later.

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