Women’s Fall/Winter Fashion Trends 2020 Brought to You by Saledress

fall/winter trend 2020 cardigan tunic sweatshirt leggings

We have to say 2020 is the strangest year of our century. Way too much has happened in the world, and under this dull environment, it’s normal that we feel a little bit pallid. Saledress can decorate your day, adding the 2020 fall/winter trends with the most beautiful color to light your feelings. These 5 selections will lift your spirits and power your great day. Hope everyone is healthy and safe.

1. Power V-Neck Blazer Business Suit


v-neck blazer business suit


Power dressing can give ladies a powerful spirit. A traditional business suit with a collared shirt is not for the current fashion climate. Taking away the collar and crop down to the neck, a V-neck blazer with pants that can make a strong statement. It’s a great mix of power and sexy. Femininity and sexuality are expressed through a professional way.

2. Sweatshirt & Jogger Outfit

At this hard time, we care more about our health more than anytime before. Exercise is our best remedy. A cozy and comfy outfit is all about it. Whether it’s a workout in the gym, a walk in a trail or a hike up a mountain. A crew neck sweatshirt and a pair of easy wear track pants are gonna get you everywhere. Plain color was big 10 years ago, and it’s definitely crawling back in 2020.

sweatshirt track pants jogger

3. Essential Long Cardigan

Cardigan is no doubt the coziest of all grannies closets. But it’s definitely not the exact grandma’s wear. Yes, making  it longer is what we are talking about.  A little bit of change makes a great difference. Cardigans are a fashion lady’s easy daily choice. It gives so many styling possibilities. With a little bit long back, it will make it a natural staple for fall.


long cardigan


4. Ombre Tunics & Bodycon Legging

If you wear a tunic once, you’ll love it so much. It is kind of like wearing pajamas all day long, who doesn’t want to PJ everywhere. Add some tight legging or bodycon jeans, oh boy, you’re ready to go. A breezy tunic makes you warm and breathable. I have thousands of reasons to make you love them. If cardigans are from grandmas, then tunics are definitely in your memories of mother’s wear. With a stylish update, Ombre color is absolutely going to go with it. 

tunic fall tunics

5. Bow Tie Crop Top & Wide Leg Pants

A bow tie can be cute, it also can be sexy and stylish! The bow tie top is perfect for a day out with friends or loved ones for a joy Sunday lunch in a beautiful fall season. The Front is well knotted with the bow that enhances not just the look but also gives rooms for adjustment. The dress is otherwise an amazing piece to add to your Fall wardrobe. I assure you will get a compliment every time you wear this nice cute bow tie top. Wearing a pair of comfy wide leg pants is the way to go. Shopping online and finding your favorite shirts can be hard especially at this time. A little bit of add ons in the front is a huge why not.


bow tie top for women