Simple Halloween Costume Ideas that Doesn't Cost a Fortune

simple Halloween costume ideas



Halloween is the day we all can expect. Kids or adults, who don't like it? It’s the day we can be whoever we want to be. We dress up for Halloween with sexy or even scary Halloween costumes. You can put together a creative outfit or costume with your favorite characters.

If you just realized that Halloween is in two weeks and you don’t prepare for it. If you have zero idea what you’re going to dress up, and you have to go to your Halloween party. I’m very excited to share these easy Halloween costume ideas with you ladies!

We all know you can’t easily find a dress that doesn't cost a fortune. You could pay way too much for your Halloween, and you probably are going to wear it for a day, and roll it up and squeeze it to your closet. This year, we can do it simple and right, at the same time, save some extra bucks.

Skeleton Print 


Halloween skeleton jumpsuits
skeleton jumpsuits Halloween


Put it on this skeleton jumpsuit you'll just look like a total baddie to the bone this Halloween. This black skin tight suit features a skeleton body pattern on it and is an easy costume to rock at any costume party. Wanna some attention? Easy!  

Pumpkin Print Dress


Halloween pumpkin dress
skeleton Halloween dress


Pumpkins, pumpkins, pumpkins, always the theme. It’s time to celebrate with this festive Day of the pumpkin dress costume. It’s easy to put on and let’s dance the night away! 

Easy theme sweatshirts/hoodies


Halloween hoodie
Halloween sweatshirt


If you don’t know what to be, or you just want to chill at home. Festive hoodies or sweatshirts are the quick ones to throw together. You'll be cozy and festive while you dig into your candy in these cotton outfits. You have your outfit picked out, get your popcorn and Cheetos, watch your fave movie and rest.