Your continued support for SALEDRESS is greatly appreciated. We have been serving customers since 2018 and we're still going strong. Since day one, we have worked hard to build a clothing website focused on promotions and clearance sales. 

Since our No Minimum Order Limit and unique Amazon delivery advantages make us uniquely qualified to work with small and medium-sized businesses, we have had great success with them in the past three years.To better serve our customers and business partners starting August 24th, we are making the following changes:
  • Free shipping for all orders over US$49 (US ONLY)
  • Prices will be reduced by 10-30% for all products
We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this adjustment. Get free shipping on your next order using code SDLOVE :) Thanks!

We will continue to sell products at wholesale prices, and there is no minimum quantity limit. Integrating retail and wholesale, we will make sure we're a market-leading brand.

The clothes you like can still be purchased at a low price and of the same quality even if you only choose certain styles from our website.
Moreover, if you are a retailer, choosing Saledress you will save huge amounts on freight, as well as get the convenience of Amazon 3-5 days delivery services for most products.

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Thank you.